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A little about us...

SLO Feature Story

SLOresource is not like any other local marketing site on the Internet. It's a whole new concept, specifically geared toward maximizing online visibility for businesses wanting to market their goods and services locally. SLOresource combines the best features of a Local Business Directory with those of a Local Online Magazine that showcases both the businesses and the area in the best possible way. We have created a site that focuses completely on what people look for most in San Luis Obispo. Then by way of our proprietary technology, produce top search results when people search on sites such as Google and Yahoo.

SLOresource leverages the local business network and area in a new way that gets results when people look for goods and services locally and then turns it into targeted advertising for our clients!

How our ads work...

SLO Feature Story

Marketing Blocks

SLOresource promotes your business with "Smart Advertising". Ads on SLOresource and our extensive network of landing sites are strategically positioned to appear within the marketing category specific to your business! Why would you spend ad dollars to promote on a website for clothing when you're selling delicious food or automotive services? Our system of "category specific marketing blocks" provides highly targeted groupings of information that rotates throughout our sites. As visitors show interest in various topics, our system tracks their visit on SLOresource and then intelligently guides them with information that they have identified themselves as being interested in. This greatly improves the effectiveness of your advertising and possibility of getting a customer to contact you or visit your place of business.

Banner Tile (100x40)

San Luis Obispo advertising banners

These banners are rotated throughout our pages. Our graphic department will do all the work to create an eye-catching design from your business logo. This form of advertising helps increase your visibility and gives viewers a direct link to your business' profile page to learn more about what you have to offer.

Business Spotlight (240x160)

San Luis Obispo advertising business spotlight

A business spotlight is designed to give readers a more in depth sense of what your business is about and what you offer. Each spotlight is rotated within your specific business category. Our expert advertising team will work closely with you to create just the right message. This is an excellent way for you to specifically speak to your target market and increase your media effectiveness!

Info Text Links

San Luis Obispo advertising info text links

Our "Info Text Link" describes your business in two to three short sentences. It serves as another method to attract the eye of potential customers. Clicking on these links brings visitors to your Business Profile Page, where they are able to find a wealth of information relative to your enterprise. Far beyond the usual name, address and phone number other directory sites solely provide.We will take your company, research it and then expertly create a short, yet smart message about your business that displays best.

Column Banners

Column banners run along the side columns and the borders of our pages. These ads flow about SLOresource and our Landing Sites in categorized and non-categorized methods, but yield many impressions and opportunities to be seen by visitors to SLOresource.

Medium Rectangle (200x300)
Skyscraper (160x600)

Local Events Banner

SLOresource promotes local events by way of the Local Events Banner situated near the top of the home page. This spot is reserved for local businesses or organizations looking to promote their special event or sale to the community.

San Luis Obispo local events advertising

Advertising Rates:

SLO Feature Story
June, July and August included FREE! BEST DEAL
50% Off

Marketing Block Ads:

*All advertising rates shown are cost per week.
Type 6 Weeks 13 Weeks 26 Weeks
Business Spotlight (240x160) $100 $45 $80
Banner Tiles (100x40) $25 $10 $15
InfoText Links $50 $23 $40

Side Column and Border Ads:

Type 6 Weeks 13 Weeks 26 Weeks
Medium Rectangle (200x300) $60 $28 $50
SkyScraper (160x600) $70 $33 $60

Local Events Banner Ads:

Type 2 Weeks * 3 Weeks 4 Weeks
Events Banner (708x100) $90 $43 $80
* Non-profit organizations please contact us directly about getting your ad to run for free to promote your next event.

Enhance Your Business Profile

Sections under Enhance your business profile:
1. Printable Coupon Design Service - $40 per coupon
2. Website Design Services from CyberYonder

Call or write to book your ad today!

Telephone: 805-277-3920
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