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Pilates- It's Good For Everyone

by Peggy Jern

Peggy Jern is a certified Pilates Instructor and AFFA certified Personal Trainer. Over the past twenty years she has coached gymnastics and owned and operated Head-Over-Heels Gymnastics in Morro Bay.

"I am most passionate about helping people become healthier physically & emotionally through positive learning that impacts their lives forever!"

People who want a toned, lean body, as well as people working to overcome injuries are all discovering Pilates. for all ages and abilities
As you get to know your body, you learn how to use it properly. Because Pilates moves emulate the motions of everyday life, this awareness can change your life, as you bring new grace and presence to simple daily activities. The entire body is nourished and energized with every breath.

Relax your tight muscles
Improve Your Strength
Gain Flexibility
Expand Your Breathing
Become Aware of Your Core Muscles
Learn to Isolate Muscles for a Lean and Balanced Body
Injury Rehabilitation

All you need is the desire to improve your fitness level, whether you are new to exercising or an elite athlete.

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